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Notice complète

Nonverbal communication : readings with commentary
Auteur :
Weitz, Shirley  
Éditeur :
Oxford university press  
Lieu de publication :
New York  
Date de publication :
Langue :
Sujet :
Communication non-verbale  
Notes :
Eibl-Eibesfeldt. Similarities and differences between cultures in expressive movements. Ekman, P., Friesen, W. V. and Tomkins, S. S. Facial affect scoring technique. Buck, R. W. and others. Communication of affect through facial expressions in humans. Exline, R. V. Visual interaction. Davitz, J. R. and Davitz, L. J. The communication of feelings by content-free speech. Scherer, K. R. Acoustic concomitants of emotional dimensions. Milmoe, S. and others. The doctor's voice. Milmoe, S. and others. The mother's voice. Birdwhistell, R. L. Toward analyzing American movement. Birdwhistell, R. L. Masculinity and femininity as display. Kendon, A. Movement coordination in social interaction. Dittmann, A. T. The body movement-speech rhythm relationship as a cue to speech encoding. Scheflen, A. E. Quasi-courtship behavior in psychotherapy. Hall, E. T. Proxemics. Watson, O. M. Conflicts and directions in proxemic research. Sommer, R. Small group ecology. Sommer, R. and Becker, F. D. Territorial defense and the good neighbor. Ekman, P. and Friesen, W. V. Nonverbal leakage and clues to deception. Mehrabian, A. and Ferris, S. R. Inference of attitudes from nonverbal communication in two channels. Duncan, S., Jr. Some signals and rules for taking speaking turns in conversations. Mehrabian, A. and Ksionzky, S. Some determinants of social interaction. Smith, W. J. Displays and messages in intraspecific communication  
Type de document :

Université de Bordeaux

Bibliothèque Localisation Statut Condition Vol. Cote
SH-BU SC. DE L'HOMME Magasin Disponible Prêtable VB 4408
Collation :
1 vol. (351 p.) ; 24 cm  
Provenance :
AUROC (PPN005080940)  
Notes :
Origine :
Identifiant d'origine :

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